Reviews for "Luis LAUNCH"

Good...Yet not enough

I liked the game, and even though there are thousands of these types of games online, it was still mildly enternaining. Yet there really was not enough to the game, because there was only beans to make ou go higher...an nothing else. Maybe things that can get in the way that prevent from going higer, or maybe other forms of boosts as well. If you made a sequel with more things like that, I would defintely play!

Pretty Good

I would have given it a ten but I'm sick of "Luis", i almost didn't play this because Luis.


Haha that's actually a very fun game. You should've made it with any character but Luis.


Whilst this is just a simpler version of Hedhehog launch, I find this verison to be much more enjoyable for that reason. There sin't huge amounts of upgrades needed, the screen doesn't stretch for miles in either direction making it next to impossible to collect the beans and most of all this game is just much more fun!

Using the beans as fuel to power yourself thru the atmosphere is pretty amusing, as is the end of the game. Took quite a while to get to space mind you, had a massive pile of bones and blood at the launch area before I finally did.

Great fun game

not to be a douche

but i will be since this game is already lacking in so many aspects.. if you left the earth's atmosphere, your blood would boil (due to lack of atmospheric pressure) causing excessive pressure within your body, which would result in your body rupturing/exploding.. you would not have time to suffocate :D

BoMToons responds:

thanks dr. science