Reviews for "Luis LAUNCH"

Horrible Nock-Off

There weren't enough Beans or Uprgrades, which are the only two things that make up this game.

Hahaha, Love it!

Even though it feels like a rip-off of Hedgehog Launch, I like how you added your own sense of humor too it. Quick and fun definitely enjoyed it. Maybe I'm a bit morbid, but I thought it was hilarious that once Luis died in space, you could still make him fart if you had beans left LMAO

BoMToons responds:

That's one of my favorite things about this game.


lois would be so happy to see his good reveiws only sadly hes dead.................................


Gratz on a good game! Please make another soon!

Pretty damn fun

Loved the ending! It made me laugh long and hard. This should be the real ending on every launch game. (unless it's a whaleross, everyone know that they can breathe in space)