Reviews for "Asperges Me"

Very beautiful, Trois.

I had pictured in my head a singer up on stage with a single spotlight and a completely empty theater. Then, near the end, as the lyrics state, a single door is opened. Personally, I think the integrated mic helps with that visual tremendously due to Part III sounding as though it's being heard from the perspective of the individual standing in the door.

You gotta stop making me cry, Trois... I spent six months trying to get away from writing dark music and you're shoving me back. :P

I don't understand how you are able to pump out these resonant, powerful pieces, each one so mighty yet so calm in its own ways. If you had a better mic, I would seriously imagine hearing these at concerts.

Keep compos(ed/ing)!

Troisnyx responds:

I'll be honest -- I don't understand it fully either. I'm okay with melodies, but when it comes to lyrics, I've never been as active as this for several years. I had a drought of lyrics from around the time my mother died, right up till.... well, lately.

I..... I'm just honoured that the piece spoke to you. Thank you. <3

Very, very well done.

I'll always respect your composition. This is fantastic and very passionate. You deserve high marks for this track for sure. Especially because you've managed to make an integrated PC mic sound fairly high quality.

Also, it should be taken into consideration that you not only have composition talent but singing and lyric-writing talent.

Great job.

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks <3 I'm glad the track has touched you so. x

This is great. I think this is your best song in NGADM so far, both in terms of composition and singing. The melody is just FANTASTIC... that lead-in to the chorus builds up so much ("just hoping I'd see her againnnnNNNNN!!!"), and yet was so beautifully resolved after ("Slow--ly... slow--ly...").

Ok, I'm illiterate when it comes to mixing (it does sound a bit unpolished compared to some of the better submissions here on NG), but I can nitpick a bit about the vocals.

-- When you sang the 2nd "p" sound in "people" in "the people who love me are with me", you can hear some "mic blowing". This is probably because your lips are too close to the mic. Interestingly, that's the only instance of p's in your lyrics.

-- Many times throughout the song, your voice was half a beat faster than the instruments. I'm guessing you were nervous and subconsciously wanted to "get it over with." This also contributes to the shaky voice many of the NGADM judges have alluded to. But again, it's already much better than in previous rounds.

-- When you entered the chorus for the 2nd time, you took a breath between "please" and "walk". Discontinuation here is kinda bad since that part is when the song EXPLODES. A short breath after "walk" (like what you did in the other 2 choruses) is much more suitable.

-- I think that the volume of vocals during the bridge between the 2nd and 3rd chorus is better controlled by mixing than you trying to whisper, as it's REALLY hard to keep the voice consistent when you're "singing-whispering". Maybe you could have sung in a normal voice, further away from the mic. Or add some reverb or something to make it sound like the first few "Asperges me, Domine"'s are ringing/echoing from afar, and then "close in" and intensify as the bridge goes.

-- I don't know your vocal range, but it would have been SO EPIC if you could sing the last chorus with your "real" voice (i.e. no falsetto). If it's JUST out of reach, I think it might actually be worth it to lower a few pitches of the song to get it done. It would have sounded so direct and powerful, and provides an enhancement of the last 2 choruses. I mean, that would have totally sprinkled me clean.

In general, I'd rather listen to a song I mildly like than a song I super like with some nagging imperfections. That's why I didn't download it upon my first listen about a week ago. But then I found the song stuck in my head, and I kept crawling back to listen to it again. So yeah. Now I've finally sucked it up and downloaded it. You win!

I hope you won't mind my long-winded and nitpicky review, and I look forward to seeing you keep getting better.

beautiful and calming.

cant think of anything else to say that does it justice.