Reviews for "Asperges Me"

Very nice! This is probably my favorite piece that I've heard from you. Wonderful chord progression, great lyrics, and who cares about the vocal quality when you get down to it. Great composition, very comforting and with a natural and effortless flow between sections. I can picture some big name stars singing this one...maybe you should publish the sheet music?

But I kind of wish you would shorten the written descriptions to your songs - just to me, it comes across kind of like advertising, although I bet you don't intend it that way. The music speaks for itself. Good job overall!

Troisnyx responds:

I understand not being able to sift through long descriptions -- but considering what the song was inspired by, I would need to explain the background (and essentially, what 'asperges' means). And oh man, that took me forever. Plus, there are the lyrics...

Still, I'm glad the piece has spoken to you. I'll see if I can publish the sheet music -- I'll need to relearn score-writing for orchestras, but I trust it'll be well worth it. ^_^

Very, very well done.

I'll always respect your composition. This is fantastic and very passionate. You deserve high marks for this track for sure. Especially because you've managed to make an integrated PC mic sound fairly high quality.

Also, it should be taken into consideration that you not only have composition talent but singing and lyric-writing talent.

Great job.

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks <3 I'm glad the track has touched you so. x

This is stunning! Powerful melodies and chords that make a fantastic listener experence. I thank you. I'm almost willing o buy you a mic only to hear that great voice in all of its glory. Great writing, and the classic piano and string combo is gorgeous.Please keep it up, and go for that mic, you're too good!

Troisnyx responds:

I'm glad that it moved you so. <3 Thank you.
I'll do my best to get that mic -- I'm skint at the moment, and sometimes the little I have is taken away from me -- but I trust that mic will come at the right time. x

You gotta stop making me cry, Trois... I spent six months trying to get away from writing dark music and you're shoving me back. :P

I don't understand how you are able to pump out these resonant, powerful pieces, each one so mighty yet so calm in its own ways. If you had a better mic, I would seriously imagine hearing these at concerts.

Keep compos(ed/ing)!

Troisnyx responds:

I'll be honest -- I don't understand it fully either. I'm okay with melodies, but when it comes to lyrics, I've never been as active as this for several years. I had a drought of lyrics from around the time my mother died, right up till.... well, lately.

I..... I'm just honoured that the piece spoke to you. Thank you. <3

Very beautiful, Trois.

I had pictured in my head a singer up on stage with a single spotlight and a completely empty theater. Then, near the end, as the lyrics state, a single door is opened. Personally, I think the integrated mic helps with that visual tremendously due to Part III sounding as though it's being heard from the perspective of the individual standing in the door.