Reviews for "Party Boat"


After i lost i clicked more,and it showed me thrill of combat,but you CANT play it aaaaa,you must pay money,so not fair.Thats why i didnt give a 10


was ok i liked the retro graphics tho it was a little too simple it would be nice to add in maybe another ship and extend the lvl like a side scroller.. also random powerups or multipliers that drop from the explosions would be nice

really lame and awkward

Compared to other cool helecopter hover games, this one is bad and really short. While swapping the adventurous goal these games normally have with an arcadic high score goal was a cool idea, it just didn't execute well. The helecopter was hard to control, and the lack of a health bar was frustrating. It also got repetitive very fast; the homing missle was the only weapon fired! The only good part of the game was the flipping addition. It was a really neat addition, since there's a suprising amount of timing and strategy involved in going it. But they should really just give you extra points in a small way, not multiply your entire score. Stick to making adventure helecopter games.

really good!!

I thought it was very good, the only thing is that if the controls were a little stronger, and it would be perfect!! Great job!!


old graphics but addictive