Reviews for "Party Boat"

must party

I dunno how, but i'm addicted to this game. I love the simplicity. the first couple of tries pissed me off, but now i feel i'm getting closer to a high score.
tip: cut the engine when you flip and you won't always end up in the water.

ultra simplistic

controls are kinda crappy, like the animation... almost impossible to control a helicopter with only four buttons, and the "full throttle" setting isn't really full throttle, its more like "press this button and try to guess wtf is gonna happen". All in all the controls ruined what could have been a mildly entertaining game

not the best, but enough to keep playing

not much depth, too simple, controls are not perfect, but liking the background music!

not the best game

bad graphics bad controls, bad game

Great game for what it is!

Simple fun game which is suprisingly addictive!