Reviews for "Party Boat"


i agree with sliteyecyder, there werent enough scoring moves and u should b able to pick up ppl again. id also like to c upgrades and maybe a few more enemys and the ability to fight back would b nice. but besides that its a good game and id play it again.

Not too shabby

Allright, I guess. ought to be possible to pick up the guys again, and some added powerups might me good. More fun in constantly challenging fate and go close-in tricks on the missiles than scoring high, you should add some more scoring options for close-by flights and stuff. And drain score from watering the rotors...

fun and simple

good game i would go back into this game and keep playing it.

That game was very dislikable...

If thats a word then may I be lord bezlebub Whoever that is... Its a five from me..

messhof responds:

Unlikeable is the word you're looking for.

Excellence in simplicity.

I love how simple the game is: fly the awkward vehicle away from missiles! The controls are fine, the game is challenging without being frustrating. It's simple fun.