Reviews for "Party Boat"

Would have been fun if the missles just blindly

followed you.
(Have a hard mode and then for the easy mode make the missles just blindly follow you ^_^)

It actually seemed like the were programmed to know where your next likely move was :|
Nice job!!

Back to basics.

It was a very addicting game, but there are so many people out there who put so long into making their flash look good that I just cant give you any higher a rating. Sorry.

Also, I would like to have used WSAD instead of the arrows, my arrow keys dont work too well.

Very addictive.

This game has no flaws whatsoever. It is so addictive because you just want to get better and better to reach that high score list.

Although the physics take some time getting used to, once you master them you will realize how creative and imaginative this game really is.

like it

the controls are what make it fun

if you stay in the water you can't get hurt was that on purpose

messhof responds:

Yeah going in the water used to knock a guy off, but it's more fun this way.


omg i can't stop playing!!!
this game is so simple yet so addicting, no matter how many times i get blown up i just keep on trying for that 200000+ score