Reviews for "Party Boat"

Just backflip to got a multiplier

Nice game, but too easy to get on the Highscores

A very fun game!

It's especially fun trying to get into the high score!

While many people are gonna' say that the control is awkward and boring, it's not, really. It just takes some time to get used to. Once you're ready to play and avoid those missiles, it's a really fun game!

Overall, a great game that I'll be playing again and again!
5 outta' 5, 10 outta' 10 and favorited!


I don't kno why every1 is complainin abwt controls :S game was amazing. Nice one.


The controls were really awkward and kinda boring. It is a cool time waster, but just dosn't really interest me, like it does other people.

beautifully simple

Good old fashioned random fun! :D