Reviews for "Party Boat"

what's there is good

The game that's there is really good. The scoring system was interesting. I do think it could have been much better if it had had a little more "beef".

For example, there could have been different kinds of attacks (non-homing rockets, cluster bombs, double shots, triple shots, a spread of (non-homing) bullets that goes to all sides). Also, the game could have had more stages, letting you finish each (but the last) after some time by doing something special and then moving on to the next stage. Also, you could have gotten upgrades (in speed and such). Also, this is the typical game to include temporary power-ups (invulnerability, +1 guy, +speed, shrink, etc) .

Anyway, I could ramble on, but I guess you get the point: there's just very little in it - that could have been much much better.

Good ol fashoined arcade fun

When it comes to having a good ol simple, fun and ugly arcade experience... you definetly hit the nail right on the head with this one! i just only wish there was abit more depth to the game, either way... i am still looking forward to another installment of this tittle or possibly a new one alltogether.


Quite fun.

A very good game, but maybe you could add some multi missile attacks? :o


Not that good. All you do is flip and dodge missles. Nothing else. Maybe some more tricks or enemies would make it less repetitive.


I normally don't review many games, but THIS, SIR, is F****N AWESOME!!

I love the controls, once you got it it's real fun. Music and graphics also very nice.
All in all this game really is a great time killer and one of my new favs on NG! :D
5/5 10/10