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Reviews for "Past Madness"

even go to the past is even more badass!!! make more of this shit but with more guns, blood, and put a fucking chainsaw!!! that will be outfucking standing!!!!

If I am correct, I think this took place during Madness Combat 7 (before Jesus time traveled) as in the time line thing when the agent broke or whatever he did to Madness Combat 4 if got rid of MC 5, MC 6 then Present. But thats about it no critism, no hate. Nothing. Just saying that it appears to take place during MC7 (More proof is that Jesus is still alive).

Now this is exellect. You did a fantastic job and made everything loke smooth rather then just using 3 frames for a flip. So this is very awesome. Thanks for this wonderful contribution. - Sincerly PsychoMac2

It's unbelievable how people will never stop making unique Madness stuff. It's great to see the twist ending where it was Jebus all along. What I do find weird is where was the present version of Jebus? Well, MC never made much sense to begin with, so it doesn't need to. I liked how you showed the characters literally messing with the timeline. It does kind of make you wonder why he didn't just shoot Hank when he first saw him.

Oh, but then there wouldn't have been as much awesomeness. I love how Jebus has those cigarettes that burn people into skeletons. It isn't used that much, but it's a nice little touch. As usual, it's great you have so many people to thank for. I was amazed he survived being shot like seven times in the head.

A great Madness tribute, really, and original idea (well, at least for Madness franchise) and unexpected twist. I also like that in Madness 3, people had single leg, and you kept this little detail. Good work

good plan jebus and sheriff,good plan!!!!!!!!!!!