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Reviews for "Red Remover"

Pretty easy yet entertaining

Unlike most puzzle games this one came to me pretty simply...

I got stuck on level 39 for a while but that was only because I was missing clicks otherwise this game was pretty easy, and that is including the bonus levels. I beat all them with par, bonus mode which was a nice added touch giving you the 10/10

very fun game

very challenging, but not so much that i gave up and looked at the walkthrough.

however i did find something unique about the game, there is a way to beat the extra level, solvaball 2 under par. ridiculously under par. it's in my video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-hbKc 6NzYg

thought you should know.

TheGameHomepage responds:

Well done :)

Great game.

Had a lot of fun, but for some reason I could not get to the bonus levels. I did all the stages on par but they wouldn't let me play 41.

TheGameHomepage responds:

you have to do them in bonus mode too.


A puzzle game without achievements?? NOOOO!!!!!! BTW, I loved it. Perfect score:D

nice, addicting, funny

there has been a lot of "remove-that-item-so-the-other-item-w ould-not-fall" games, but this really is the best one... i love the gravity thing, the funny faces of the blocks :D and the lvls overall.
this game really got me addicted and not many games do that, so this game is worth 10/10. nice game ,you should really make more!