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Reviews for "Red Remover"


just plane awesome (and fun) lol!

Not Bad!

Great game.


This game is pretty fun and addictive. My only problem is once I hit level 21 even though I would click on the red block a blue one would disappear instead. Actually I wouldn't have to click on a block at all so long as I clicked on the game screen a block would disappear. I'm thinking it's a glitch but otherwise this is a really fun game!

Almolst perfect

I'd give this game a ten if some levels were not based on how fast you could click. Other than that this game is a blast! There is enoujgh to keep you coming back, including the unlocks and par feature.


its ok but.its to hard for me.i just cant get the hang of it.so pleas make a mous curser game.you know.one of thous mous cuerser mases.i can do thous whith the right click trik.so pleas make one.