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Reviews for "Red Remover"

I love this game! By completing levels 1-40 you unlock morse code, faces and PAR. By completing all levels in PAR, you unlock Bonus Mode. By completing all levels in bonus mode, you unlock extra levels. By completing them in PAR or (optionally) in Bonus Mode, you unlock a Russian Broadcast. Completing levels 41-45 in Bonus Mode is optional. Russian Broadcast is unlocked by completing levels 41-45 in PAR, not Bonus Mode.

One question. Where did you get that Russian broadcast?

EDIT: Editor does not submit levels, maybe allow the level encrypted in a code so it could be saved to a local file? You may add this feature to Red Remover 2, however long that will take.


I was recently reminded this game existed from "thegrayfruit". God, this hit me right in the childhood!

make an html5 port tho, but still good

I like the way you destroy red blocks, keep the green blocks, and decide at which you need to remove the blue blocks or not. Good game! 5/5!