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Reviews for "Bam Bam Pow"

haha very funny game

i could play this for hours! 5/5! =)

Very addicting.

At first, I thought this wasn't going to be good, but then I was mistaken. This game gets very addicting very quickly. I found myself moving as quickly as I could to keep my health from depleting.

On a related note, this game is hard to play with a laptop mousepad.

ToastyProductions responds:

Yep, it is hard with the mousepad, but I was expecting most players to use a computer mouse. I fix it in Bam Bam Pow 2.


The controls were smooth and the music was good, can't wait to play it again.

ToastyProductions responds:



I thought this was a fun game BUT
way too easy.
You should make it so that every object that passes the screen, your health goes down or something.
Yes it was hard to play with a laptop mousepad
Nice game
Add a mute button
Nice music though.
and maybe a pause button
I've just let my health bar run for about a minute and a half.
Still havent died.
Make it faster.
Also Level 9 i shot everything, didn't send me to the next round but.
Altogether pretty goood.
just improve it in the sequel, and this'll get a ten right away.

ToastyProductions responds:

I tried to work on the screen passing thing, but I ran into issues with hit test and duplicated movie clips. So I ended up with a decreasing health bar, but I should have upped the anty on the decrease rate.

Oh and it is hard to play with a mousepad, I made it with a mousepad.
I guess I'll go for a sequel


I really liked it. I can see effort put into this. I did think that the whole, "Your health decreases unless you continually shoot" idea wasn't very good though. I also think you should make it harder, for instance:
Make the objects faster.
Make the level go on longer.
Make the health bar run out quicker.
Work a little on the graphics, like make the objects less noticeable.

ToastyProductions responds:

Thanks for the review, I noticed some of my "testers"(neighborhood friends) complaining about the game being too easy.

But my other "testers"(same guys) with mouse pads, said that they couldn't shoot all the objects in time.

In Bam Bam Pow 2, there will be two modes, "mouse" and "mouse pad". But the "shoot to survive" system will be removed entirely.