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Reviews for "Bam Bam Pow"


The controls were smooth and the music was good, can't wait to play it again.

ToastyProductions responds:



Well... it has some amazing potential but... you really ought to speed it up,i mean, its just WAY to slow to be any fun.
Also, the objects stopped comming at level 2.

Other than that, the presentation, and music are great, just.... work on it some more...

ToastyProductions responds:

sure, I'll make one mode for mousepad, and one (faster) mode for normal nice.

When the objects stop coming, it means you didn't shoot enough in time.

ok :/

addicting i can see where your idea is coming from but needs work like a proper death situation maybe if you went back on it and suped it up it would be awsome and maybe get front page?

Time waster.

And I mean time waster in a good way. Few things, there should be penalties for spam clicking and letting stuff get through. Also, when you get the next level button and let the green bar run out, you can still lose. Other than that, this a great way to waste (or rather spend but that doesn't sound as cool as waste :P) time.

haha very funny game

i could play this for hours! 5/5! =)