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Reviews for "DJ Clyme - Soundwaves"

I voted 5 stars, and I personally wish I could vote more. Your song is pleasant to listen to and it's obviously because you've worked extremely hard on it. Also, there's nothing to fault, and there's nothing missing either, it's perfect.

Although all of it is awesome, my favorite parts of the song are:
1) The introduction, with the fast pacing piano and a trace of vocals, which then slowly transited to an electronic tone, and stays that way for a while.
2) 3:17... that change in the first note of the main melody is ingenious. It gets me every time I listen to that part XD

Anyways, this is probably one of my most favorite electronic pieces, perfect and lovely in general. Well done :)

DjClyme responds:

Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You keep amazing me, man..

Perfect Good Job DJ Clyme :) very good

DjClyme responds:

thanks :)


Wow, I seem to have developed a thing for house music...
I love the simple theme and where you took it from a simple three note progression. Also I respected how you carried it from start to finish instead of losing it halfway and making a bad attempt at a turn or a random bass drop.
At times though, I feel you could have fleshed things out much more by putting more drums (not necessarily beats) and more sounds, such as adding a high accompaniment to the main theme at 1:00.
And as a personal thing, a well placed and supported pan can work wonders.