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Reviews for "Luis in RL"

Luis loves me more than you. :3

Great short, animation was smooth and had a good style to it.

Also because I was in it. :3

Carbonwater responds:

You can always suck people in with cameos.

Pretty funny.

Well that was pretty funny. And whoever that dude was got rejected.

That's really how it went down?

I was expecting you to be bluer in real life...
And thanks for capturing my quiet intensity!
Oh, and I love the pic with the wig, I'm never washing that thing again!

Carbonwater responds:

Looks can be deceiving.
I suppose I could walk around shirtless with blue bodypaint for a day, but I think that'd be a bit too hardcore.

I don't wanna be the next Wonchop or Gerkinman.

I lol'd than was like :(

That was funny, and quite well done for a quickly thrown together flash. I laughed I cried than I laughed again fivened and favoriteded.

Carbonwater responds:

So many emotions in one hit.


Who is the rejected dood? :P

Carbonwater responds:

That would be me.