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Reviews for "Luis in RL"


Quirky and funny.
LOL - of course no one is gonna know who you are!
You have to introduce yourself!


It was funny I dug it.


Poor Carbonwater goes unnoticed. :V

Pretty good

I can just say "Happy Luis Day" to everyone, even if it's not one of my favorite days here. The animation itself was nice. I had never even heard of NightMare before, but glad that you informed me about him. Poor Edd. I actually think he works better as a YouTube celebrity anyway. You can see he's got tons of subscribers and friends!

Carbonwater responds:

It's not Edd ffffffff.

It's me.

This is funny

Was the last guy suppose to be Edd from Edd's world??? haha boogley and night-mare are great animators. Very cool animation you made here. :D

Carbonwater responds:

Brown hair, no nose =/= Edd.