Reviews for "Rumblah! Demo"

Found a Glitch

Ok i was in quick fight and i was winning and i jumped and i was suspended in air like i was on a diffrent floor i could move and punch and so on so i jumped agin i thought mabey it would fix it but i went above the screen i was in the training room area then i reloaded the game and everything worked fine idk what happend but otherwise great game

This is fantastic!

Distributing this will make it so much easier for non-programmers to make fighting games! Even a simple engine gives us a leg up but you guys really took it to the next level. You have done a great service to the flash community and I for one thank you repeatedly for it.

3 thumbs up. oh wait, that's not my thumb!

Hmm, wait a minute.. It's a street fighter style fighting game, written in flash, that doesn't run like crap? Wow. Very nicely done! It's just down right enjoyable to play, and the smoothness makes it all the better. I'm usually irritated when games call for you to go to another site and download something to get the full effect, but I think that in this case, it's going to be worth it. One bit of advice, I think the AI could use some work. It's too easy to lock a computer player in the corner and cheap shot them. I understand that's it's difficult to balance the ability to perform combos with the dangers of being able to cheap shot, but I know it can be done. Killer instinct does this well, for an example.

Ludocracy responds:

In order to respond to you and those of you who have commented on the AI's difficulty.

Yes, I notices you can cheap shot him into a corner. Actually the AI in this DEMO is better than de AI of the full engine because I've also been working with some tweaks on the engine for some works that I have been given thanks to it. So the AI is actually considering that the character has all the Special Attacks and for one of the games I've derived from this engine I included a parry/combo breaker that will eventually be triggered on the AI.

So yeah, on the future the engine will have better AI and more moves such as that parry/combo breaker, air dodges and a special bar for hyper/time freezing combos. All of those in the same vein as the easy-to-pull combinations as in Smash Bros.

You just blew my mind

Holy crap! a fighting game that isnt a stick game and still runs smoothly, you put the difficulty up and the cpu actually gets harder, crazy! Only thing i could suggest is putting some kind of special bar or something on the full version for some amazing killer combos. Good demo, i look forward to the full version

Excuse me on 2017 how did rumblah flash fighting engine got deleted but it was a great game for a few years since I was 8 when I played it. It got open now someone who banned please make this game downloading and open this game not ban please