Reviews for "Rumblah! Demo"

Found a Glitch

Ok i was in quick fight and i was winning and i jumped and i was suspended in air like i was on a diffrent floor i could move and punch and so on so i jumped agin i thought mabey it would fix it but i went above the screen i was in the training room area then i reloaded the game and everything worked fine idk what happend but otherwise great game

Very Great

Animation was good and so was the menu, and gameplay. but dont use floating limbs, make real people for it

Ludocracy responds:

As I explained earlier, Betaman is just for testing. And since animating a 'Rayman-esque'character is WAY easier than a 'fully limbed' character then it makes it much easier for testing purposes.

cant wait

this is simply great for a demo cant wait for the full version


simply perfect for a demo

Fairly good.

It's a little too simplistic. It'd be good if there was different moves and if there were characters with different fighting styles, which I do hope is your intent for this game.
Also, it's too easy to corner the opponent and mash your keys until you win. You should really think of a solution for this.

Ludocracy responds:

The controls are simplistic because it seeks to be easy to play to almost everyone. That's why it uses a 'Smash Bros.'control schem if you will.

Betaman, as his extremely original name suggests, it's just a character for testing. The actual engine avaiable online let's you 'import' characters made by you if you know how to animate in Flash.

you can check the site OR the devblog at rumblah-en.blogspot.com