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Reviews for "Harald."


Simple and short game, yet AWESOME and FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work, and next time, try to put some more weapons and upgrades pleae :D


know what i cant stand

Is when people give games shit ratings because they suck at said game. Seriously. I killed the final boss with 1/4 of my health bar, without using the rage thing. its called STRATEGY. learn it panzies. Love the game. great concept, good graphics, fun. Half the game i spent hopping over them to get the nuns, the other half fighting till rage then running back and forth as quick as i could. Epic fun, kept me entertained whole way through. Only thing i have to say is the pitch fork guys got annoying. make them attack you instead of just poking you. Too many times id grab a nun, walk out or hop off the bridge and id instantly get poked by one and id have to kill everyone before i could try again. gah. other then that, 10/10 5/5 :]

Come on people... quit whining

The game is not that hard... it is challenging, yes, but not so hard. JUMP over the bad guys when you have a nun, and run around like a clown and get your hits when you can against the boss... it's not that hard to beat him, even w/ only 1/8 your health at the end, like I had... quit your crying, and don't rate badly because you suck ass....
That is all.


This game is COOOL but what song name of listened in GOD MODE?


awsome.. only got to the first boss but i loved it... can u tell me the music u used when u eneter the godlike mode or when u face the boss it sounds prettey cool ^^ apart from that its quite a awsome game. just one tip... just be4 u face the boss you should have a heal cuz then it woulnt be THAT hard to kill him but if its for a tough chalange i might do it in a few goes