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Reviews for "Cyberhorde"

the scenario..

reminds me of KOTOR2 where the mining robots go crazy

fizzgear responds:

Thanks for associating Cyberhorde with this great game. ;) I have not gave KOTOR2 serious play though when it was released - maybe I should for more inspiration! ;)

very good game

but hte robots look too much like head crabs....other then that it is a great game.

fizzgear responds:

Yeah - metal is not an easy material to draw well. ;) Maybe for my next game I'll be able to hire a real artist. ;)


awsome just the kind of game i love inovative and mouse controled couldnt be better

i mean it could but the only way i see is by improving the ship have more kinds of bots get to choose ships but for first game (i mean not a sequel) it couldnt be better keep on ;)

fizzgear responds:

Thanks - that's very encouraging!

great game

i liked it. just a thought though, ho much metal do you think you would need to build a massive robot army like that.

fizzgear responds:

Thanks for playing! Not too much metal though ;) - current best number of robots killed is ~4500. So should be something like 20 kilotonnes. ;)


I like this game! Nice graphics, addicting gameplay. Good work!

fizzgear responds:

Thanks for playing!!