Reviews for "Mega Man X takes steroids"

"Damn, he owed me 10 bucks!"

I knew there was something up with that weenie! Anyways, funny shit.

By the way, where the f*** did ya find the animated Zero sprites?

It`s Kick-Ass

That was.................... Funny, very if you`re new to this page let me tell you this, this is Kick-Ass so vote 5-Star on this Baby.


Well it was good..
Question: Is it seppose to be an "don't do drugs" message in this movie?

A Good life lesson....

Dont do drugs.......even if all they do is help you lol.......im kidding. Steroids dont help at all. Dont do it even though baseball players do it.


This is why robots should NOT take steroids....or caffine