Reviews for "The Archerland"

Fine, even if a bit limited

You should fix a couple of glitches:
-somehow, while upgrading an archer, my money got to NaN and since then I had infinite cash. I had already nearly ended the game but I'm sure it is not meant.
-the last "tutorial window" (the one which tells you to click on "next day") never disappeared and stayed there the whole time.
Also you should make it impossible to place pits in the grass or upon previously existent pits.
Again, the tutorial windows looked displaced to me, always a slot below what they meant.
You could add a boss, a once in a while, or different levels of building (ie: Town->City->Region->State->Whatever) or an opposing town or something else to bring this from its actual tower defence look to a RTS one.

Yeah! TD!!

You're awesome, man. Eventhough tower defensa are SO common, I really like them much..

I'm looking forward for another game like this, okay?

Like others, but good

Good graphics and that common gameplay make this game great. However their are a lot of rough edges that need smoothing out. The most noticable (to me) is the small font. Can barely read it honestly. Also in the tutorial, I somehow got ahead of it and was unable to actually finish it (wanted me to build a building...but I already spent my money :( ). The last thing I noticed was your backround sound loop is not edited completely. It has a small pause after each loop.

Some other small things, but those right there should be the most fixable.

Pretty decent game

All around, but it was way too easy, and I found a couple bugs. At one point I was trying to upgrade an archer and when I clicked on the archer it selected a mangonel as well and instead of the actual stats everything just said unknown and showed the picture of the mangonel instead of the archer. When that happened my gold instead of showing numbers just turned into NaN and from that point on I couldn't tell how much money I had. Other than that, good job :] Make it a little more difficult though.

Fun, but a little too easy.

On medium it was nearly impossible to lose.
Also, I ran afoul of the same gold = NaN glitch as others did.
Still, it was pretty fun.