Reviews for "The Archerland"

Nice graphics but...

The tutorial has too much control, I was too impatient and started clicking, figured things out and now I can't progress any further because the game is asking me to purchase an upgrade which I have made already!
Please fix this small issue :(
Graphics: 9
Very nice, the buildings look very well done. The scenary looks cool, however the units could have used a bit more attention in my opinion. However if this was done for optimizing, ignore that last part!
Sound: 7
The enemy deaths sound all the same, could do with different noises for different classes. Nice little battle track at the start of every wave though. Ambient sounds is a nice touch whilst in Idle mode.
Gameplay: 9
Plays like any other defense game with a fixed income economy, making you really think about the purchases you make. Instead of having to sell units at half price you can remove them into your sortie which is a nice touch. Game has hours of amusement for defense fans.

Great game

It's a great solid game, nothing too complicated and lets you progress at your own rate. Only problem I had with it was at one point (I was at around month 3 somewhere) I had so many archers and there were so many enemies that the game slowed down drastically and and eventually crashed my firefox browser, oh well still a good game.

The camera is a bit annoying

Next time, make just the arrow keys move the camera, other than that, great job!

Not bad.

I'm assuming most people just didn't have what it takes to actually -BEAT- the game. YES! You can beat it! You just need to get every building built. Sounds easy doesn't it? Trust me it's not once you get the Archers rolling in and around Month 2 you really need them, they make life possible considering the difficulty grows exponentially. But for a game of it's type I was fairly enthralled, until I beat it breaking it's spell X]. Anyhow, on to the main point of the review! Graphics were decent, however the quality -HAD- to be reduced when you got to a certain point because you have just too freakin' many things shooting at once. The sound was..Kinda irritating to be honest. The music got bland and bothersome quickly, the sound effects irritating about the 4 millionth time hearing the same archer shoot an arrow. The controls were a bit jerky when it came right down to it, I mean, the movement of the viewing portion just plain kinda sucked. Mostly because every single portion of the game you interact with was placed on the edge of the screen...Yeah..Stroke of genius that O.o. But I do have to say that the game play was surprisingly well balanced. And I would go so far as to say that perhaps that is closer to your true calling than out-right making games? But anyway, with every Archer a week coming in you had just enough money to make gains so you could eventually buy everything and WIN! So, I guess in the end everything worked out just fine, no problems. Totals: 4/5 - 9/10

Good game, I found a glitch.

Fun game. But its too short and easy.

I found a glitch. I somehow managed to select 2 towers at once, clicked upgrade, and my money was set to NaN. I basically had infinite money.