Reviews for "The Archerland"


You have a NaN bug with the gold. Build in a failsafe so that the type is always a number or converted to that format. Not sure how that got in.

pretty neat defender

i like it (except the little Tutorial bug)
nice graphics, nice gamplay, overall a nice defender

Nice graphics but...

The tutorial has too much control, I was too impatient and started clicking, figured things out and now I can't progress any further because the game is asking me to purchase an upgrade which I have made already!
Please fix this small issue :(
Graphics: 9
Very nice, the buildings look very well done. The scenary looks cool, however the units could have used a bit more attention in my opinion. However if this was done for optimizing, ignore that last part!
Sound: 7
The enemy deaths sound all the same, could do with different noises for different classes. Nice little battle track at the start of every wave though. Ambient sounds is a nice touch whilst in Idle mode.
Gameplay: 9
Plays like any other defense game with a fixed income economy, making you really think about the purchases you make. Instead of having to sell units at half price you can remove them into your sortie which is a nice touch. Game has hours of amusement for defense fans.

Fine, even if a bit limited

You should fix a couple of glitches:
-somehow, while upgrading an archer, my money got to NaN and since then I had infinite cash. I had already nearly ended the game but I'm sure it is not meant.
-the last "tutorial window" (the one which tells you to click on "next day") never disappeared and stayed there the whole time.
Also you should make it impossible to place pits in the grass or upon previously existent pits.
Again, the tutorial windows looked displaced to me, always a slot below what they meant.
You could add a boss, a once in a while, or different levels of building (ie: Town->City->Region->State->Whatever) or an opposing town or something else to bring this from its actual tower defence look to a RTS one.


Really great game!
I enjoyed playing it and I am still enjoying playing it.
A tad cliche but, whatever.
Nice art and good programming.
Keep it up!