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Reviews for "Dungeons and Dungeons"

I wish there was a sequel to this. Too bad there isn't.

Always fun. I come back and play this about every few weeks just because it offers so much. I wish the developers would do a more nuanced sequel or build on this early version. I.e: Thank you sir may I have another?;)

Funny and a good rythm, i'll come back.

WTF!! Rofl + Tip

okay at first i thought this game was ehh... a little gay. but further on the gameplay i got more into it an thot it was sorta challenging.

Orgasmatron Tip:
Alright well as you know the "orgasmatron" has an assoertment of attacks Leg Stomp, Brood Crabs, Boob-Launcher, ect.
Well when you start out only get the three of the items you need:
Cat 'o' nine
These will be your most valued objects, why? Because if you loose the Vibrator or the cat 'o' nine then you use the feather to get to the extra cages above both corners of the stage.
Just stand at the bottom corner of the room, dont move unless being attacked by a bomb or her claw. continuosly hit the machine with the cat 'o' nine, it take a total of two damage to her which is the hightest out of your attacks.
Use the Vibrators to destroy the oncoming Crabs that she births.

Hope this was helpful :)


its okay a little gay