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Reviews for "Dungeons and Dungeons"

Its funny...

Ive been playing AS games for forever now all the way back to Harvey Birdman games and I never compared the games on the AS site to those on NG. Now that you FINALLY realized that this is the place to be I have to. This game is dumb. Not just regular dumb, but super dumb. The repition will get the better of people LONG before they beat this (though, I did). This particular offering can't be saved by all the powerups. What you need is an expansive levelup system on something to break the drudgery of it all. This is basic even by the most basic of standards. This isn't even better than my LEAST fave on NG.

Im glad you guys are making the jump to NG and all, but you need to step it up, because your in a WHOLE new league. How about the Amatuer Surgeon series? That one is a thousand times better than this prarie biscuit.


too repetitive

i voted 4.

a good flash game, killed about 10 minutes, the final boss was kind of tough but still beatable, i mostly rate games on how much time is killed, it's an alright game, but i see no reason to beat it more than once unless going for a high score, which i do not feel like doing. by the way adult swim, make your online viewer work in other parts of the world why don't you? either that or make the actual tv channel itself available for purchase from more cable and satellite providers.


reminds me of castlevania were sexy toys to

I like it!

Really funny game, especially because of the voices and texts you gave the enemies. xD
A bit harder gameplay would make 'Dungeons and Dungeons' even better, but overall I like it.