Reviews for "Bunnykill 4"

Bunny Bloodshed

Fucking Epic! Good work.

Such depth

What a brilliant piece this is - the way that you've poured over the plot line and even with the attention to detail in the background, this piece is superb. Such flowing combat manoeuvres, that really keep us coming back for more. The reviews that you have had and the scoreline for this piece quite fail to do it justice.

I think that a few smaller issues with the combat could have been resolved quite simply - no blast marks when the bombs go off, considering that the SumoSamurai character does leave significant damage to the surroundings, you could at least have a few scorch marks. Perhaps it would look better if scene two ends up with the paper walls on fire?

In the final fight, I would have thought that Rose and Snowball could have tried to hit their nemesis at the same time, since they are both accomplished fighters and, judging by the amount it took to finally kill him, he could have parried no end of attacks from both sides.

Still, when you consider how amazing this piece is visually and with such a great soundtrack, I can only speculate that the next instalment of this wonderful series. Granted, these seem like individual missions, unlike the Madness series which might have inspired it (If it did, I feel sure that you have surpassed it, with your own style of animation and the detail that you bring along.)

Certainly worth the wait to see something as good as this.

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Mottis responds:


I was supposed to add the scorch marks on to the explosions afterwards, but I..... just... forgot, honestly. In fact I didn't even remember it until now. Oh well.

And the idea about the paperwalls burning, amazing. I never even thought of that. O_O Then again, a flame is extremely difficult to animate. Something I will attempt in Bk5.


it ruled like all ur other stuff! it reminded me of madness!

it was cool

with a lot of inspiration from street fighter i think :) thats cool too. great animation as always. in a way this is better than madness even if its ripped off. possibly because it can be more perfected than madness could ever be? anyway, good job! wouldn't it be good to start thinking of a storyline? perhaps over 2 or 3 episodes?

Pretty cool

I have to say the core mechanics and what you can do with flash is pretty stellar. I hope to see some more soon.