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Reviews for "Perfect Shot"

very good

overall very good,but level 46 is glitched,even if you manage to finish the level,you have to restart every time,that's kind of disturbing.

Maybe try fixing that,but otherwise an excellent job,well done

PhobiK responds:

Thanks for the review! I tried to fix that, thought it was :S sorry for that!


I beat lvl 46 and my last missile hit the bonus asteroid and it said rewind and I so it did.....WTF!?

PhobiK responds:

Sorry for that bug, I thought I had fixed that... thanks for the feedback :)

lvl 48

it's different everytime

PhobiK responds:

well, sometimes it does change a little :P

timing game

I did enjoy playing the game but only 9 lives when you can easily die I dont think thats really fair but I loved the timing the shot concept good graphics just might want to tweak it a bit

PhobiK responds:

You gain 3 lives everytime you beat a level so if you take less shots you'll advance with plenty of lives :) thanks for your review!


this game has origionality and style. very intuitive. i hope you continue to make games that are as high in quality as this one :D

PhobiK responds:

wow, thanks man! Greatly appreciated! I'll try to :P