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Reviews for "The Chicken Race"


this game rules

AW... E... SOME!!

This game is SO AWESOME! The graphics, the 3D, the Character, The Chickens, THe Shooting, THe Gun, The Profile System, EVERYTHING IS SO AWESOME!

And COME ON people... 2.92?? Is that what this game's score should be? I think you're wrong!!! PLEASE, give this game a change.. Maybe it's a bit slow in some computers, but I give a shit on that, PLAY IT ALREADY AND VOTE 5! Make this Daily First + Weekly 10-1 + One of the months best games!

You don't know how much fun and how AWESOME this game is until you play it! And don't vote low because of some glitch! I had this problem that I couldn't choose language, but when I refreshed the page or pressed the hide button and play button, it worked perfectly! So don't worry, you'll thank me if you play it :D



GREAT game there should be more games like this in the future on newgrounds


Gotta love it...!!!!


Not bad advertising for not bad game. But you can do it better.