Reviews for "Hillside Settlement"


Very beautiful.


Really great. I wasn't expecting such a great animation.

Well iiiiii think....

it was wonderful. nothing wrong with it. just perfect after i played human centipede the game... kind of relaxing. juuuusttt niiiiiiiice

so good :)

to see that someone can make a flash that is meaningful as a tom hanks film, but still has that flash animation charm to it and sense of deeper thought that a true intellectual can bring to the table. all the animations on this site are funny or scary or stupid or horribly made or disgusting or bloody, so rarely do you see a flash as meaningful as this here. it made me feel more for the early settlers of every nation, those pioneers, and if they ever knew when they first began what the future would hold?
but enough rambling. im getting emotional over it, and that ain't good reviewing. the animations were, as i said, charming and tasteful. i like how the horse was drooling and the spit would drop sometimes, thats attention to detail there. the music choice was excellent, but the quality of sound couldve been a bit better. good job and keep up the great work. :)

:ยดยด (

nunca vi algo igual,esse video foi o melhor do NG eu to jogando e vendo coisa do NG des dos 3 anos mas isso foi muito comovente