Reviews for "Hillside Settlement"

That was beautiful... AWESOME, I loved it!

I haven't written a review in a long time, but this animation deserved one.

I loved the music, pacing, transitions, time lasping, and simple animation. I also enjoyed seeing each house and building being built.

This animation also showcased something which I think is lacking in most short animations: productive, purposeful effort (and achievement) on the part of the settlers. It was really heartwarming and inspirational, especially at the end when it flashes back to the beginning of the settlement.

All and all, a good show!

The music is lovely, and so is the animation.

Where can I get the soundtrack? It's amazing, and it gives me chills.

I have no idea why people are saying there's no story in this animation. It breaths a life-story, just look better. There's no need for talking characters. It's perfect the way it is.

Simply Amazing

I agree with Gurgji, kids today don't know what true art is, this video was perfect the way it is. I look forward to more vids like this from you.


The art style is so cute, and so well animated. Nice little story, too.