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Reviews for "Contagious"

Lovely tune, it really has that "shit got real in a grim and serious serious manner" feel to it. Makes the synonymous animation that much more epic.

Pretty calming and relaxing music.

I like my electronic music, so this really got me going. You have no idea how hard I am right now.
In all seriousness, quite enjoyable to listen to.
Sounds like the music from every Bejeweled game. Seriously, the instruments are exactly the same.

I like it, but how does it relate to Fernando other than the author comments? Big fan tho, love your work.

I don't know if you were doing this on purpose or not, but it sounds kind of like the music from "A Clockwork Orange", not that this is a bad thing, I think it suits man whoring well. Huge fan of all your work though, and look forward to more from you!