Reviews for "Rainy Sunday"

somehow i remembered canon in d when i heared the first part of the song!!

To be honest, it definitely needs some words, 'cause for me the instruments are not complex enough to carry themselves. I really feel that it's a little empty on its own. But it's a very good foundation to lay some vocals on top of, for real. I could hear this as a rap song, a "You Had A Bad Day"-type song with only singing throughout, or any combination of those two. Good start, for sure. 4/5

Very catchy! It's simple, but still good on it's own.

I was really digging this. Nice beat, can imagine myself sitting by a window with the rain falling in the middle of the day. The middle break, as you mentioned, is kind of awkward, but I'd really love to hear this when it is all worked out. I really would have liked to hear a little more build-up, and like others, I really wanted the song to be longer! I feel like you are setting up something great, but it ends fore it gets there. You're one awkward drum interlude and maybe a couple minutes away from a five-star submission in my opinion. Have you accepted any scouting requests yet?

A diamond in the rough.