Reviews for "Rainy Sunday"

Definitely recommending you for the audio portal.
Very unique, something that can only be achieved by misc. music.

Okay, you are MUCH better than I was when I first started out. Good Job!
But this needs some work. You do not have a melodic line. This is crucial to your song's uniqueness. This also makes the song sound thin. The Bassline does have a quasi-melodic vibe to it. (See Brody Quest) But it does not carry on well. It also does not conform to the Chords at all through this.

The Drumline is excellently done, but keep in mind the crash symbol should normally strike on the measure of a new idea. (Such as adding an instruement) That is the one thing i'd change with the Drumline.

Keep up the good work, you seem very promising.


To be honest, it definitely needs some words, 'cause for me the instruments are not complex enough to carry themselves. I really feel that it's a little empty on its own. But it's a very good foundation to lay some vocals on top of, for real. I could hear this as a rap song, a "You Had A Bad Day"-type song with only singing throughout, or any combination of those two. Good start, for sure. 4/5

A diamond in the rough.