Reviews for "Rainy Sunday"

well played sir

Needs work to do, but in the end, it is a demo, so you can always spend more time, improving this stuff. Good idea, i like the tune, I'd love to hear the full version one day.


It good and like you said its just a demo so maybe you could put demo in the title next time so that we know what we are about to listen to. Other then that good work.

a bit repetitive, and the drums seemed unfinished. Has potential though :) i personally wouldnt put demos on here, but nice job anyways

Far from perfect, however, it's a very good start.

First off, before anything, avoid putting out songs when they are at very early stage. People will usually prefer seeing a finished product than rough unfinished demo of the song you're working on. That said, let's move on to the actual review.

I found your drums very rough. The snare sounded louder than the kick, but that might be my laptop speakers playing a trick on me. The patterns alternated which is good, kept me a bit more interested than if you would have made a simple pattern.

The melody itself... well there wasn't much of a melody. I could only hear a bassline and chords playing. I found the bassline to be quite boring, it was just not very interesting. Maybe it was it's linear progression that simply didn't do it for me. :(

Now, the chords... the chords. I thought they were rather repetitive. I liked the twist at the end but the overall pitch progression is still the same. What I suggest is alternating chord patterns and adding a melody. Unless you did it on purpose, I suggest you have a melody to drive the song and have chords do the background work. In that case, then yes, you can have them repeat. A good example is Radiohead's "Everything in Its Right Place". Chords make up the whole song, and they're constantly changing, making the song very interesting to listen to.

I think this song lacks substance. It's very bland. To improve on that I suggest having more instruments and harmonies playing at the same time. Of course, you can go all minimalist and play very little but it only works out for some songs. ;)

That said, overall it's good but needs lots of work. It kind of reminded me the kind of stuff I made back when I started out. It's missing a hole that only experience will teach you how to fill. This has potential, it just needs more! Please, do continue to make music and get better at it :)

Scouted! :D