Reviews for "Rainy Sunday"

Not bad... :)

This would be great for background music in a game.

i love the feeling of this, kind of optimistic and determined.

i would say it feels a bit empty in some places where you waiting for the beat to drop, maybe some strings playing the key notes fading in and out?

but otherwise i really enjoyed it

I really liked it, nice work so far.
My advice would be as follows:
1) Come back on the reverb a bit. Its making my speakers pop a little, and while they arent the best speakers ever, they arent the worst.
2) play around with triplets and swing rhythm. You can do this easily by going into your piano roll, hitting the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the window, hovering over snap, and clicking either 1/3 beat or 1/6 beat. could help you figure out what to put in the middle there
3) Play around with dynamics a little. this is also accessible via piano roll.
This aside, like i said, i really liked it! there's work to be done, but its work that you certainly can do ^ u^