Reviews for "Rainy Sunday"

Very catchy! It's simple, but still good on it's own.

Well hello there.

Apparently you're unscouted, which I think is supposed to limit you and your account or something! ?

Anyway, just checking through the audio portal, after submitting my own latest piece and I thought I'd pay the unscouted artists section a once over.

I have to say, this, although it's really short, it's really, very good. very uplifing melody, both the bass line and the melody work awesomely, just enough beats and percussion to keep the piece plodding along nicely.

Just 2 words of advice, please make this piece longer it's awesome, or just make more music :-)

And, master this track, needs some EQing, other than that, it's great.

Oh, also, Im going to Scout you! be good!!!

it is very touching, and can distract us a bit.

Very catchy and groovy.

Would Go Great With Vocals! Almost Makes Me Want To........

Maybe Not After 1:00

Still Good Anyway c: