Reviews for "Rainy Sunday"


This is more than deserving to be in the audio portal. All of the bass flows with the piano like a poem. This is really well done and I can picture listening to this on the bus. My only complaint is that I would have liked it to be longer. Which is kind of a good thing I guess.

This is a classy, simple number that is energetic, but calming at the same time. It uses a minimal number of voices (bass, drums, and keys) to deliver a smooth sound. The drum break, as mentioned, is nothing mind-blowing, but the only other issue I have here is the length! I believe the foundation set by the track's intro has a lot of potential for experimentation.
Good stuff altogether. :)

a few have already said it, but this piece is amazingly done :3 i dont think the EQ is a big issue, but im not the most technological when it comes to making music, but im great at appreciating :P

i shall scout you as well, so make more music :P

Mastering plz!
Keep it up though, you're only going to get better :)