Reviews for "Rainy Sunday"

Not bad. A little simplistic for my tastes, but it's clean. It's always hard to get a good transition between two parts. Hell, I'm fighting with my drummer about that on almost every song. x3 Anyway, keep at it, and don't be afraid of more complex bass lines and a little more synth. ^.^

This is Great!

Can't wait for the Mastered Version.

I use LMMS so I don't know any technical advice for FLS9, but I would add in some more melody very subtly in the background to balance out the pitch of the piano.

I think you can get away with keeping both basslines without the silence as long as you give a good drum fill to introduce the new bassline, then once the new bassline comes in, you can throw in more closed hats and viola! Props to your track, keep up the good work!

nice setup


It's like a flash game or the Old Blues Brothers!!

Please vote my audio too, thanks!