Reviews for "Rainy Sunday"

Nawt Bad.

This review is my opinion. I have to say it's very sad. It needs something more. 3.5 stars, sorry dude...

Good... Needs Work Though

Very interesting sound! But it could use a bit of mastering.
The piano is a bit too upfront, especially when it comes in; it sounds really out of place. And when it fades out it sounds very unnatural. The bass is really fat and heavy and it almost feels like there's water bubbling around my ears.
The drums kick really violently like gunshots.
Louder is not necessarily better, but good work nonetheless! Keep posting music. :)

To start off: great beat! You got me moving along to this piece.
Now a little critique:

The piano, however, is very 2-D, if you get what I mean. And very repetitive. I recommend some jazzy plucked chords to go along with the piano, and add a bass clef line to the piano too.

As a pianist and composer myself, I've been taught a few tips about harmony:
1. never rely on P5s...they sound very ugly by themselves. This sounds like you're trying to give us a sense of jazziness; I would recommended using M7s, M2s, and m6s.
2. don't parallel the top line (piano) to the bottom line (bass). you can move in the same direction but if the two lines are the same spaces apart the whole time it doesn't sound very nice. I recommend diverging the lines (top line move up, bottom move down). But really it doesn't matter as long as it sounds good.

Overall this is a great. Perhaps substitute the piano with some funky chords? Whatever suits you best. Hope to see more from you!