Reviews for "Charizard"


This is freaking awesome! The shading, colouring, character design.... everything about this is freaking epic! Keep it up, your drawings are great!


He reminds me of Glaedr from The Inheritance Cycle more than anything, but amazing skill. I love it.


The color, the detail, everything is just awesome!
... If I look closely, it doesn't really look like a charizard though.
Still, it's pretty good

I love it!

I really like this, I dont picture this as a pokemon when i look at it, but a dragon. I know its a charizard but the colour annoys me for some reason. I think its cause i imagine dragons being green like in the cartoons. But its soo cool with the fire looking like it will burn my eyes if i look at it to long. :D Keep it up!


OH YEAH!! Charizard is my absolute favorite. I've been waiting to see him in a realistic light for AGES!!