Reviews for "Captain R: Game Ranger 3"

Truely Epic

Only the power of the Game Ranger....I mean Ron, could have conjured up such a sprit flash. lol awesome work Sunrie, im glad to be in the same collab as you.

Sunrie responds:

From Sunrie:
I thank you very much. The sprite collab is going to be a lot of fun.


I like it because its random but has a story line. Also is the PETER PAN?!?!?!?!?!?!

Sunrie responds:

Yes, we work very hard on the storyline in order to produce something that is more than just sprites and random battles.

That IS Peter Pan from Hook on the SNES, ha! The character ALWAYS looks pissed off because of the eyebrows, so I figured it would be the best fit for Ron's actual Game Ranger form.


your sir are an expert at comedy, a round of applause to you, it wasn't stupid it was funny!

Sunrie responds:

Thank you very much. The script is being done up for the next installment as well.


Decapitated fox head! Fun times for all! Also, this story is really good...wait...Ganondorf is blind?

Sunrie responds:

*L* No, Ganondorf in this one is just a bit of a moron, not blind. He's a lot of the comedic relief

That little thing?!

You mean that evil K is [Beep]... Ooooh your are good... really good. Give use a bunch of guy's with a name that starts with "K".... I just love how Ron sounds when he has killd [Beep] Just soo full og him self :)

Sunrie responds:

Haha, yeah, Ron is a huge ass. We're working on GR4 right now, so don't worry, there will be even more.