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Reviews for "Fragger"

2 things.

2 things for improvment, there could be acheivments and there also could be a button for gore


gernads ruleeeeeeee

Fun but annoying

Great game concept, and I like the comparison captncody made, it's spot on. It starts out very fun but I have to note several things that could improve the gameplay significantly:

1) Change the throwing arrow to some sort of fading arc to give the player a better projection of how the grenade will be thrown.
2) Reduce how powerful the throws are. Most of the time I was moving the mouse to the far left of the flash player just to chuck the nade with sufficient force.
3)The sounds are a nuisance. Yes, I muted them, but who wants to have to mute a game's sound just because it gets old? I feel no sound is sometimes worse than irritating sound.
4) This is more of a 'for fun' suggestion, but maybe have the enemies animate a bit more as they fall. They are kinda lifeless right now.

Some positives I must state:
1) The physics engine is nice, and the animations reflect that. Nice work there.
2) Very effective puzzles. It's tough to get nades in those hard to reach places so I commend the design work.

Overall this gets 7/10 and 4/5. I look forward to a sequel!


grenades rule

interesting and fun

if half-lifes counterstrike decided to take super paper mario on a date to a mini-golf course, this would be the result. (the reason i say paper mario is because the graphics plainly remind me of it.) love the game, its fun, and addictive. good job