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Reviews for "Hidden Dungeon"

I could picture this being in a dungeon, especially in an oldschool RPG for either the NES, Dos, or Amiga.

The composition is simple, but that's not a bad thing!
The loop makes the song an appropriate length. I honestly had it going for quite a while.

I'm not familiar with FL Studio at all, quite honestly, but keep it up. I'm interested in your future compositions.

I was old on the Chippy sound. I can think of a few retro style flash games that this would be perfect for.

Sounds nice, but I can't picture it in any game really. Keep at FL Studio, it's a good program!

Love the sounds and the riff! Needs a cool 8 bit drumriff and you've got something going!

It's an alright piece of music. 8-bit tracks are naturally going to be on the simple side, but this one was perhaps overly so. The riff in the middle was nice, and gave it a decent feel. At the same time, I'm not really sure what kind of game this would fit in. Maybe an 8-bit horror piece? It's decent, but stretching the boundaries of what FL Studio can do would have made this much better.