Reviews for "Lastman"

The Problem!

Well, before starting, I'm have played in the last month almost all NES games (I'm an emulation lover, so I downloaded all NES roms in a torrent). So I know what i'm talking about.

First - Your game have broken control, that no matter what excuse you use, is a real problem, a game can be challenging, but frustration only cause anoyance, not fun.

Second - If you where really going to try for the medal of worst game ever, look again, because to it be considered a game it need to amuse. I have played Trio The Punch - Forget Me Not, and well, this game is PROPOSITALY BAD, and even still it was enjoyable.

Third - This ONE LIFE thing is really bullshit, you can't have this logo far a game where it don't even matter. You really need to have LEVELS or be long enough to need CHECKPOINTS to one life make any difference. THOUSANDS OF GAMES here on NG have the lenght and no continues and don't use this as a selling car.

Fourth - There's a new game here called When Pigs Fly and an old one called THE UNFAIR PLATAFORMER, those games are way hard and are Still ENJOYABLE. And the main reason is that this games were well developed and don't randomly fucked up (There where times that it simply went glitchy and only the first screen of the level apeared, the remaining had been covered be the backgroung)

Fifth - Being LOYAL to the SMB2j don't mean being lazy, nintendo had put a lot of effort into making the game for those who where REALLY GOOD at SMB, you simply entered the dumb zone and had thrown a lot bad controls and glitchy enemies. Kaizo Hacks from SMW are fun because they use the same SMW engine of gameplay, but there pecision is the rule, they try to extract the best of the best. This game simply went on the FAKE DIFFICULT and this is not in any way FUN.

To something be anoyingly fun it need to actually work properly, you just made a game straight anoying.

So here is an overall view:

- Fix the Controls
- Put some effort making it enjoyable
- Give a REAL REASON for this Title
- Use other games as reference for difficult
- Take a big effort to make a game REALLY DIFFICULT, so make betas and see people reactions to see if you've done it right.

Ads in between?

Seriously? Do I want to play a game or watch some stupid ad for some random thing I really don't care about? Remove the ads, then perhaps your game will be half-decent.


Holy crap, whats up with that jump botton, and the enemies, pure crap! but i give ya a 5 for you time consumed in making this game


If I do the dead medal and got only 5 points, This game is instantly crap. Because the dead medal is the only reason I played this.
Too hard, Too long and with fucking adds between deaths.


You have to die 127 times to get a medal, so time consuming, and on top of the time to die there are random ads in between deaths!! so retarded! Most of the time when i try to jump on the critters they just kill me, so bogus.