Reviews for "Lastman"

Is there a way to go back INTO the house?

Because that all I want to do after playing 5 minutes of this. i like concept, quite a bit actually. but you need to put in checkpoints, and if you already did, make them closer. Because the rocket part is nearly impossible, and every time I die, I always end up back in the house! Then i have to quickly jump the porccupines, and beat the crab before he ruins the path, and make the stupid jump over, AND OVER AGAIN!!!


The idea is ok. Create a platformer with 1 life that is nearly impossible yet possible.

The bad thing is, you didn't execute this idea very well. So all you have to do to kill a crab is jump on top of it? Yet 6 out of 10 times when you jump on it you die anyway!
This just pissed me off a lot. I could have a perfect jump on it and somehow I would die.

not fun

as said below a good april foolsday joke butas a game not really that fun

frustrating, really really frustrating

i dont think this is a very good game. i like the concept of only having one life, but its just too difficult to even get past the second jump. i hate how you have to hold down the A button just to go faster. in my opinion, it would be easier for people who have less coordination (or for people with dislexia like me) if he just went alittle faster without pressing a button. maybe not as fast as it is with the A, but maybe in between normal and fast. i totally understand that its supposed to be difficult, and since i didnt get past the first monster, im frightened to know how hard it is past that. but the begining of a game is supposed to be easier, so people can get used to the controls. but if they're always dying, then they cant really get used to it, they only get frustrated. and i totally understand that you're making this for a certain group of gamers: people who want a challege and love the spirit of the mario games, right? well i like challeges, and i love the mario games, but i dont particularly like this game. some people like really challenging games, but most people dont have the patience or the attention span to want to play this. i dont think you were expecting to get a good score on this game, but if you want to get a good score, i suggest you take at least some of these things into account


This would make a great April fools joke, you should have saved it for next year...