Reviews for "Lastman"

really annoying...

I tried about twenty times, until I gave up. This game is more frustrating then fun. First off, half the time I died because I jumped on the crab slightly off the center and get skewered. This really needs to be fixed if your gonna have only one life. I get tired of seeing the same house over and over again. Another glitch is sometimes the breaking platform gets destroyed all at once, to where i cannot progress.

The graphics get really boring after a while (and yes, I know its supposed to be that way.) But you should jump ten years ahead and put something interesting behind you instead of blue, maybe a vast jungle, space stuff, or a city, it doesnt really matter, but it needs something. That way, playing it 40 times feels a little less than a chore.

The platforms also are too spaced apart, you have to rush through the whole thing just to make it onto the other side, and even then, there are too many enemies to actually live through it.

I realize that its supposed to be a challenge, but you shouldn't make it impossible. The only real way you can win, is to memorize where each enemy will be and when to jump. Id rather not put that much effort into a game.

Sorry, it may have sounded rough, but you should fix:
-Hittest on the crab so that it is easier to kill
-checkpoints or something of the kind
-more scenery
-less memorization (a bit slower pace so that the player could see the obsticals ahead)
-I recommend a timer (although that would be your choice)
-smoother platform engine


I got as far as the deadly X black boxes and gave up the 50th time. I will get "unhelpful" for saying this game is excellent. Good work. I wanted to finish and put a youtube vid up but since its already been done, quit bitching ppl and check those in the description.

Crab at the ground! LMFAO


Okay so the jump button is to messed up and needs to be higher as jumping over that gap, its ridiculous not to mention you can't kill the crabs =/ Bad game

PiGPEN responds:

I love it when people review before even figuring out the controls.
It's like mind reading.

OK... Thats messed...

Would have been a challenging game, but the fact that every ten deaths there is an advertisement is kinda messed up...

5/10 for advertisement
3/5 for concept

This is CRAP!

when i 1st jumped,i fell.i have to leave 1 leg in the air to reach the other side.

and the crab ate the GROUND!

The fun of the game became annoying and i wanna BEAT THE CRAP OUTTA YA!!!!!

if you wan to improve
1.increase up height
2.remove the crab
3.add more land

PiGPEN responds:

crab ate the GROUND!